Elaine's baby shower gift list

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Tommy Tippee Nappy Wrapper1  Tesco29.99
Tomme Tippee Nappy Wrapper refills1  Tesco3.79
Babyview mirror1Attachment for car rear-view mirror Tesco3.79
Car-go bag1Bag to sit on the back of the front passenger seat in car Tesco3.74
Avent newborn teat20 months+ Tesco1.77
Angela Stoneman 
Avent slow teat21 month+ Tesco1.77Angela Stoneman 
Tommee Tippee baby food pots and spoons (pack of 3)1Suitable for microwave and freezer Tesco2.87
Avent breast milk containers1  Tesco7.49
Avent bottles (pack of 3)1  Tesco7.26
Angela Stoneman 
Baby 'jungle' wall thermometer1  Mothercare2.99Helen Huff 
Baby 'jungle' coverlet1  Mothercare16.99Iman Burland 
Baby 'jungle' changing mat1  Mothercare6.99Helen Huff 
White muslin squares (pack of 12)1  Mothercare15.00Val Cummings 
Bath support1  Mothercare14.99
Test item1qwerty $12

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