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Stuart Harris is the author of Dreamweaver Ultradev for Dummies, The IRC Survival Guide, chapters in Internet Secrets and Cyberlife!, and numerous articles about the Internet in national magazines such as Internet World, Online Access and Internet Advisor. He works as an Internet consultant and programmer. He has also been involved in technical editing and TV documentary production (having worked for the BBC for fifteen years in a previous life). He enjoys communicating complex ideas to a mass audience.
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Gayle sailing in San Diego Bay Gayle Kidder is a technical writer specializing in software documentation. She has experience in developing online help systems as well as print documentation and database-driven web sites. She is expert at using single-sourcing for multiple formats and managing projects for international localization. For a more general audience, she has written several mass-audience computer books and numerous articles for magazines and newspapers.
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Stuart Harris & Gayle Kidder are co-authors of:
Drumbeat 2000 for Dummies
Official Netscape Dynamic HTML Developers Guide
Official HTML Publishing for Netscape
Netscape Navigator Quick Tour
HTML Publishing With Internet Assistant for Word

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